Monday, October 13, 2008

Art is the order of the fall

Still here. Going to the Y, helping friends move, playing hard in the school room and in the garden. Canning. Living.

As far as the kids' "work," art has been the order of the fall. We've also been studying literature, reading, math and continental drift. Somehow, those aren't as fun to photograph.

The Harry Potter Unit is fun, too, where we have made wands and potions (chemistry) and managed all kinds of mischief, but I am usually too busy, well, managing mischief, to man a camera.

Play foam is just...odd. Odd, but somehow popular.

(Yes, they henna painted themselves. Cept with marker. In Transformers shapes.)

That's a Harry Potter wand he's aiming at me. I guess that's a ball of power or something.

Tie-dying play silks was cool too. Anything that remotely smacks of mixing chemicals draws our son like a mosquito to the light:

We lost our photo-editing software when we had to replace our computer in May, so I apologize for the bright red eyes. I cannot however, apologize for the bizarre way in which my daughter has decided to model the play silks she liked best.

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