Thursday, May 08, 2008

You won't believe this

The van-- which had no error codes two weeks ago-- now read five at the local (free testing) Schucks, all tranny related. I took it in because it has been slipping in odd ways, stalling, intermittently being weird.
We call the transmission people from when we purchased a rebuilt tranny in OCTOBER, only to find that he's not there. He sold the business. Good Guy Bob now pilots a tugboat on the Sound somewhere, and the new owner won't warranty anything. We're simply new customers to him.
I wasn't too perturbed at this news initially-- just more proof that you're on your own in the wild west in some ways-- but then, surprisingly, the van stayed in second gear the entire way home (about 10 miles). Thank God for coasting down hills because otherwise that transmission would be on fire right now. Miss M is coming with a loaner van right now cause she loves us.

This van is seriously damaging my calm.


  1. Oh jeez! Un-freakin'-believable. When the van finally dies, I hope you enjoy bashing it with large bats and setting it on fire. ;)

  2. It will be our own burning man festival.

  3. Oh man!!! I am so sorry to hear your van is giving you troubles again. Is that picture your van? Is so I think I might have just bought the same van as you. LOL!