Sunday, May 04, 2008

This is our last normal week.

Well, our last normal week of the "new" normal anyway. Next week, we depart on a plane for Charleston, the children and I, leaving P-daddy to putter in our absence. He will LOVE it for exactly 36 hours, and then will start having hallucinations of some sort. We complain about each other, but I don't know any couple more bonded than we are. It's sweet, but in an embarrassing sort of way.

This year, my Great Self Work has been to remove the seat of anger. It's been hard, and to my great shock, the work is paying off. Because when I sense the anger, I just sort it out immediately (is this anger? or is it something else? is it habit?), I don't stay at a low simmer all the time. Because I am not already angry when something disturbs me or annoys me, I don't automatically snap or blow. It's been helpful in each of my relationships, but perhaps best in my relationship with my husband. He's learning to trust me again, I think, in the sense that I am not going to just bite at him. We've been working well together again, like "us" and I have to admit I like it a lot. Why wouldn't I, you know?

And now we will be apart for weeks. I will be gone for nearly two weeks, and then he will leave as soon as we get back for a week of his own. We've never done that, not since the second year we were dating. The kids are going to not deal so well, and I know it. My curiosity is to see how well P-daddy and I deal.


  1. You guys are way more up each others' butts than anyone else I know. In a good way; that is, there isn't one or the other of you that is more clingy, you are mutually interested in being close to each other all the time.

    I think you'll do completely fine. Truly.

    My DH liked getting lots of pictures while we were away. And, a little to my surprise, when my DH went away without us, I didn't just LIKE getting pictures; they made me feel included in some way.

  2. I hope you have a wonderful trip. We'll look forward to your return.