Thursday, May 29, 2008

So they're up to snuff?

After being tortured earlier this month, the kids received the results of their annual testing.

Straight ridiculousness.

Both are in the highest percentiles, with N actually placing 99th percentile in both math and reading. We chose to let G develop her reading skills on her own; when this "school year" started she wasn't a strong reader at all, and she tested 89th. She was 95th percentile in math.

I am happy for them and relieved that we don't have to do any damage control in reaction to this. But I remain doubtful that these tests, given what they actually tested, could show any real merit.

Still, the percentiles are compared to children being educated in all sort of schools from across the country, as I understand it, so the kids are more than competently "holding their own,"even if I think they didn't need a very odd test to prove that.

Happy Diffendoofer Day indeed!

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  1. Glad the testing went well and proved what you already knew ;) I hate the state testing, but thats a whole other rant. Ry did really great on his testing this year. Hope your enjoying your trip!!!