Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Wacky Washington Weather

Today we had a friend and her toddler over for lunch. (after I hid from her of course, in the bathroom. I'm shy.) We were happy when the weather cleared a bit and the sun broke through, as her son hadn't seen our back yard before and was literally jumping at the chance to play out there. We finished out the playdate with some yummy coffee and then they made their way home.

My kids decompressed, ~D~ with a nap and the big ones with some game time. Then the big ones went outside to ride bikes. I was chatting online with Niki when ~N~ came pounding in, "It's snowing!!!!!!" It had been 44 degrees and sunny (and is again as I write this), but when I glanced outside it was SNOWING. We're talking grey-air, huge flakes of driving, wind-blown blizzard SNOW. Not a bit of it stuck to anything. I got COLD just standing out there, despite wearing boots and a leather jacket so I went inside to get gear for the kids, who had been in light sweaters.

Instantaneously, toddler-D woke up so I bundled him and ran outside to document it. It was already subsiding, but on the video you might be able to see G's wet hair, plastered to her head by how hard it had been coming down. The sidewalks were wet, and it hadn't rained today. When I checked inside, it had dropped to 36-- you can hear on the video how hard the wind was blowing. ~D~decided abruptly that he no longer wanted to be outside and you can see that as well.....

No I don't liiiiiiiike it!!!!!


  1. LOL!!!!!!!!!! Hey is that sorta like raining on one side of the street but not the other in Florida ;) Enjoy your flurries! Not sure if it turned into more.

  2. I love how with the sound off, Graham is hiding in the trees...NOOOOO SNOOOWWWWWW...LOL

  3. so lovely I can't stand it.
    Doug would likely get on very well with my Hugo. He doesn't liiiiiiike it either!