Saturday, February 24, 2007

Home and Garden Day

Today P-daddy stayed home with the kidlets while I roamed into Tacoma. I desperately needed some alone, productive alone time. I did the Costco run, drove down to Pacific and had some fantastic lunch in a place I'd never take the children, and picked up some homeschool supplies on stupid sale at The Learning Sprout. Alone. And I even drank wine. No one whined, pulled on me, screeched or otherwise behaved inhumanely. I always found a parking place and it was just .....nice. Lunch was divine.

With our pitiful (compared to cheffin' years past) rebate from Costco, I bought a pressure cooker there that is just like the Brazilian Goddess' . I was totally sold on it the day we had dinner at her house.... beans and rice... and thebeans took 40 minutes, dried to cooked. FORTY MINUTES. Meet our new baby:
Did I mention bag to table in 40 minutes? Yes. 40 minutes.

Anyway, while he stayed home, P-daddy baked three loaves of bread:

And when I got home, G threw some pottery on her new wheel. I love how her hands are shaped in these pictures:

Nice homey day. I even took Paul's black car through the car wash... turns out it's WHITE!

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