Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I remember the old days....sourcing farm vegetables

One of the peculiarities about moving to Gig Harbor when we did is the small pleasure of having chosen the area before it really grew up. We were here before the new toll bridge that made the commute accessible again for the first time in decades; before the Costco; before the YMCA. When we moved here we were still driving 25 miles-- each way-- to get our farm fresh produce from our beloved CSA on Puyallup's River Road. While I remain a huge fan of of Farmer Terry and her wonderful programs, the cold reality of rising fuel costs made an hour round-trip jaunt and a bridge toll just too much. Our own successful garden and the advent of the new Key Peninsula Farmer's Market also contributed so much food it just made sense to stay local. Our favorite local farmers are Greg and Maureen at Gentle Giant Meadows Ranch. They are friendly, hands on and very reasonable. Their working farm has provided us with berries, plums, apples and eggs. They also provide the community with CSAs of beef and lamb as well as whole chickens

A newer, local CSA that just formed last year is Peace of the Earth Farm. Their subscriptions are reasonable and they've had a year now to get up and running. I plan to go visit them very soon.

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