Sunday, February 21, 2010

Harness Those Hormones!

One of the huge benefits of middle pregnancy is the burst of unexpected energy. Many women want to clean and nest. In my fortunate case, my friend Niki decided that her ire and energy would be aimed at my schoolroom carpet.

Whoever carpeted this house clearly did not have small children. They chose a delicately patterned taupe and put it throughout. This is not a good match for the PNW Homeschooling, chicken-raising, gardening, dust allergic family that we are. Beyond the carpet, we had some furniture placement issues that needed to be resolved before I would unpack the computer the children's grandparents sent them. Since they sent it at Christmastime..... time was well away from us.

So what happens when you tell a pregnant friend she can attack your carpet?

Yes, that.

We still need to do some fine details and hang some maps and pictures, but we're close to done!

New computer from the Grandparents

Science center

Language Arts / Sensory


Math / Culture / Maps

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