Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Diffendoofers Valentines

Yesterday a good day. Our homeschool Diffendoofers got together for a Valentine's Day party. The kids all made Valentines throughout the week and when they got together at M.J.'s house they decorated paper bags into which to put the Valentines for each other. That was the idea anyway.

Mostly they just ate a lot and played like little dervishes.

The Moms in the homeschool group are getting more comfortable with each other. It's pleasant to see and experience the level of rapport and cohesion in a young group with people who know each other well enough to like and respect, but don't know each other well enough to have conflicts of any kind. And hey! They brought me coffee! The hostess doesn't drink it or keep it in the house so I brought my own, along with my French press and a coffee mug. So did Pashca. So did the hostess. I felt the love!

Another mother, watching in amusement as the host kids organized a little hike along their 5 acres, commented to me, "You know, G-girl let my daughter know at homeschool PE that she should be bringing extra clothes today." I laughed-- the last time we were at this house G-girl had stepped into a creek and gotten soaked. She's looking out for her friends, that one!

Today my kids woke up to Valentine's from Mom , Dad and Aunt Barbara and will later go over to Nikirj's while P-daddy and I attempt to be romantic. I don't think I even remember what romantic looks like, but hey, we can try.

Have a good one today-- love on the sweeties who make your heart glow, be they small, furry or otherwise.


  1. I love you I do. And my favorite L & P story is from when you lived out on Folly. I don't remember the specifics, but it ended with P-Daddy trying to run down some n're-do-wells in a truck. Something about that visual just makes me smile from ear to ear.

  2. Sounds wonderful. So glad that the kids enjoyed themselves.