Sunday, February 15, 2009

Date Day

Yesterday was an exercise in something. I don't know for sure what, but maybe someone can illuminate it for me. The nice thing about babysitting copiously for someone who doesn't like or celebrate Valentine's day is a near-guaranteed Valentine's babysitter. Still, I wasnt expecting to hear "drop em at 10. Pick em up the next day at 4."

Well, ok then. I hope she didn't expect me to argue!

After checking out the ReSale Habitat store in Tacoma, P-daddy and I wandered around the Proctor district, an area I have a particular affection for. It's one of those mini-cities within an urban center that has everything from good grocery stores to library to post office to restaurants to pubs to parks all within easy walking distance. It has a theater and a bowling alley and a pottery-painting shop all right there. I should have mentioned the three schools, I guess, but they're not so much on our radar. After checking out some galleries we went in search of food and decided to leave Proctor.

On our meandering way out we spotted the Mandolin cafe, which I adore. We went in just so I could show it off to P-daddy--it's one of those old-school coffee shops I love-- heavily decorated, baristas that actually pull lattes in mugs instead of paper cups and expect you to hang around, live music, board games and tables everywhere. I wanted P-daddy to have a visual. We popped in and there was not just music, but a huge brass band sitting there. We totally snagged some lattes and sat our fannies down. That was good fun.

We ended up hitting more appliance and hardware stores through out the day, which I commented on as being "so romantic." P-daddy reminded me that's pretty much how we always rolled. That's just what we did, even without kids-- we drank coffee and fiddled with home improvement. I suppose romance is in celebrating how you connect, right?

(Hey Reeciebird! Should I put your part of the story in here?)


  1. Sounds like a very nice relaxed day that both you and P deserve!!! So glad to hear you have such good friends you can do that with!

  2. *snicker* What? Don't appliance make everyone Hot?