Thursday, July 31, 2008

Summer marches on

Or should I say "summer." Honestly, if my garden wasn't complaining, then I wouldn't either. I don't mind the overcast as long as it's above 60 degrees. I don't mind a little rain in the summer to help water the plants. But when it's grey enough that the plants are sleepy, then I have an issue.

Even so, West of the Cascades the farms are coming through so I will be able to can cherries and peaches, enjoying the bounty that makes it over the mountains.

My father and stepmother will be visiting us next month. They arrive in about two weeks and I am somewhat nervous. While *I* am proud of what we have accomplished in the last three years, there are some values we do not share and I worry about how they will perceive our house. I've never been a tidy housekeeper and my home, while very clean compared to my singleton homes, is overrun by three small children-- three small homeschooled children. We're always here. And it shows.

All these projects I have in the to do box, I want them done now, or at least before they arrive. I know how to do this stuff, just not...when.

As of late we've been making connections with other homeschoolers in the harbor we hadn't met before. I think we have enough people to make a pretty sound group, so I am happy with that. It doesn't take a lot of parents, particularly if they have more than one child. Things are moving along nicely, just at a boring-to-read summer pace.


  1. Nothing is never boring to read!!!


  2. Repeat after me "Your concern is appreciated, your approval is unnecessary" Breathe Deep -- repeat both as needed...

    it helps to remember, too, "The consequence for killing you and burying you in the backyard is too great *at this moment* so you get a pass -- today!"

    And the snottiest thing you should actually say to them is, "oh yeah, I remember how awful that felt when *I* was a kid... I don't want my kids thinking of me the way I thought of YOU in those instances."

    Meanwhile, I hope they just relax into grandparenting and love the chance to be with your precious babies (ah, maybe you should say THAT to them ;))

  3. Is it raining a lot there, too? OMG if it does not stop raining soon our first homeschool project of the year will be ark building. No kidding, I am going nuts.

  4. Perhaps you'll just be home base. *bighug*

  5. I am sorry you are stressed about your impending guest, but I am sure that it will all go well. Take a deep breathe and do what you can. What doesn't get done... OH well... I have to say that I so enjoying reading your blog and seeing you blossom into your home in the west.

  6. i love and hate visitors

  7. I am pretty firmly in the "love" camp on this one, but I just wish for a pat on the head, I guess.