Monday, October 15, 2007

Batch update

So with last week's news, whatever makes me me exploded and I kind of spun out for a few days.

"It's only money" works for me until we don't have it anymore. This repair-- 1800.00 will sink us for a while and we actually had to draft a budget. One I don't like, but it pays the bills and that's the important part. We haven't had a working budget in a few years so this is not a bad thing. I will look up and ahead.

Found out from this mechanic (this is the second time another mechanic has asked "Um, who did the engine replacement?") that Eric-the Dumbass in Port Orchard failed to put in two bolts that hold the engine IN the VAN. Further, he omitted to replace the harness that holds an O2 sensor in place, and it had been melting on the exhaust of the van. NICE. So I have chosen to be grateful for this fault because it probably saved us from an engine fire or worse.

G continues in Karate, and had a meltdown on Saturday because it is a mixed belt class. A more experienced student tried to toss her. G, who wasn't paying attention to the instructions, flipped out and was upset for a few days.

N started indoor soccer league on Saturday and some serious cuteness (and noise) abounded with 30 5 year olds running around chasing balls.

We had our campout last week at Camp Seymour, and the children duly had a wonderful time. It amazes me still how well run that program is. In 24 hours the kids learned to shoot bows and arrows, use orienteering compasses and sharpen their boating skills. Mom also learned a few things; this was much more of a "slice of camp" experience, and I felt confident for the first time that my kids could take part in a sleep away camp. They are really thriving in this program. We were only able to make it this week because another homeschooler loaned us her car while ours was getting fixed. How cool is that?

D-baby made me nuts the whole time though-- constantly escaping and being very TWO in a non-TWO environment. God bless homeschoolers; the staff was GREAT with him but it was the other children who really made him feel part of the experience and made ME feel at ease that he wasn't ruining it for them. During one breakfast, for instance, an entire cadre of Bainbridge Island home high-schoolers drummed on the tables and stomped their feet so Dougie could breakdance in the dining hall. P-daddy came at night, and while he couldn't stay because he had to go to work, he did share supper with us and he got to go to campfire. That made us all very happy.


  1. Ok-Need I visit PO????GRRRRRR

    Tell G that it WILL get easier. Karate made me sore and had me lost two for the first few months.

  2. That totally sucks about the vehicle. Don't call it a budget - call it a spending plan if that makes it more palatable. :) We're on one to get rid of the car loan and the hubby's student loans. Not always fun, but keeps me from staying awake all night fretting about money.

    That camp sounds like it was so much fun! I miss my camping days, it's been way too long.

  3. I am sorry to hear that G had a rough time, maybe speak with the instructor to help her so she won't be hurt emotionally next time. ((HUGS)) I am also so glad to hear about your camp experience. How cool!!!