Saturday, December 30, 2006

Christmas House

Click to see it better.


  1. Is that a turkey fryer?!

    Who's the microphone boom stand for?

  2. Turkey fryers are important to life. We love ours so much we gave away two this year.

    The boom stand is for my P-daddy lovin man so he can sing and play guitar without crouching. :)

  3. I-spy with my eye..........

    A costco Clock

    One Hot Mama

    And a very happy Christmas House!!

  4. The clock is Costco.

    That Momma is definitely a Hottie.

    And oh how I wish the Christmas house would go away magically with a twitch of my nose.

  5. Why thank you! (That's me in the photo, and my Toddlerness!)

    And my turkey fryer. Or, DH's turkey fryer. I'm surprised he let it out of his sight...