Thursday, December 28, 2006

Boys who play with dolls

My heart just overflows with tenderness when my boys play with dolls. I love that we aren't hammering our children with nonsensical gender messages. I love that I have a man who parents the way he should, with open heart and hands, who encourages his sons to be good fathers. No doubt, my daughter leads the charge and is far more into her babies and their care than my sons are. They don't nurse their babies, or pretend to birth them like G does, but they do act like, well, Daddies. They'll sling them, feed them, toss them around.

Big brother bought baby brother a doll for Christmas. He chose it, wrapped it himself and gave it to him on Christmas Eve. ~D~ named it "Born," after Big Sister's doll "Newborn." As I write this, the children are breakfasting and ~D~ has his baby with him. The older children are just totally into ~D~'s pretend world, doting on him and his baby, helping him arrange the highchair, talking to him about baby wanting Daddy.

I am enraptured by the circle of love my kids have created.