Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Holding Pattern

I remember the discomforts of pregnancy mainly through memory of the words I used to describe it then; not physically. This is a pain in the behind. The visco topper for the mattress has saved me from the balance of the pain I usually experience in my hips and groin, but nothing can protect me from the fatigue. I have this drive to make this house a HOME. I really need it to be, and I have until Christmas Eve which is on Friday, to so it. I want it finished. It’s not hard to do—we planned this move carefully to make it as simple as possible on this end.

But I am

I was in bed for a couple of days with the prodromal labor, which has subsided. I see the midwife tonight (in a couple of hours) and I will see what happens with that. Hopefully the sight of her does not (or do I want it to?) put me into hard labor. I want to meet this little guy. And I want him to let me walk around again!

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