Saturday, December 18, 2004

Crampy and Campy

Also typical of me, my body has decided to out this baby out early. I am 35 weeks 6 days by most counts and the baby wants OUT. The midwife has me on bedrest and I am supposed to drink beer or wine—at least one a day to keep my irritable uterus calmed down. I need to get at least to 36 weeks, preferably 37. Doesn’t feel good and certainly adds to my stress. We still haven’t trimmed the tree. We bought the damn thing—it’s standing in the living room—but it’s just bare. I knew with the move coming when it has that we would sacrifice a lot this year, but my kids WILL have a Christmas.

My online friend *T* stayed on the phone with me for a good two hours while I labored away. Good for me, had to be weird for her! No family here, no friends to come watch the kids. This is such a bizarre place to be socially for us.

Children cuteness: N tells everyone he can about how he has “finawwy seen Mt. Reindeer.” He took a week to get on Pacific Time but he’s there at last. G is having a blast and even she acknowledges that so I am happy with for her part of it. She says Washington is “not scary at all” as she had feared, and that she is enjoying learning all the new things. I have been scouring the children’s periodicals and am overwhelmed with all there is to do here. They definitely won’t want for fun or education!

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