Friday, November 14, 2008

See More Herpetology

When I say my kids love science, in no way am I exaggerating. From geology to chemistry to astronomy to biology to physics... they love exploring this world and all the ways to classify that experience. That's one of the reasons we really enjoy going to Camp Seymour. As exhausting as it can be on the parents, the staff there maximize the individual experience for the children. This is our second year going and it's so worth it.

This session was Creepy Crawly Day, where they studied earthworms and reptiles. They took the earthworms from the Living Machine they have at Camp Seymour, right from the compost pile, and then replaced them as they finished. It was a great object lesson in sustainable cycles and gardening, or it could have been; when the instructor asked how many people had a compost pile at home, every child raised her hand! That may be Homeschooler Rule #14: must have compost.

We moved on to lunch, (where a large fifth grade group's handlers reminded most of us why we have our children at home), and then made our way back outside to split into our groups. On to the reptiles! After a brief lesson, each child had the opportunity to hold every reptile.

All N-man wanted was to hold that black snake, the one he held last year. All day long, that's what he looked forward to experiencing again.

Here there be dragons!

The leopard gecko's name is Maynard. He was easily the class favorite, and the only one D-meister would hold.

Sibling assistance: An escapee explored the inside of N-man's sweater.


  1. What is it about kids and science? Both of mine also enjoyed learning science, inside school and out. And some of us, like me and the Chem Geek Princess, never outgrew our childish wonder and thus became scientists. As a geology professor once said to my Sedimentology class: "Being a scientist is just a very grown-up way of being able to continue to play in the sandpile."

    Darn straight!

  2. Looks like a lot of fun!! Hard to believe how big the kiddos are getting!

  3. Your kids are SOOOO much cooler than I am!! you are such a awesome momma for letting them be kids and experience education on a hands on level!


  4. Love it! What a great day.. I really want a leopard gecko for keeps.