Friday, March 21, 2008

Spring has Sprung

More sunny days, more buds on the trees, the return of seasonal allergies.

And with it, some new revelations.

Spring light is not necessarily all good. Yes, winter light keeps me from remembering how coffee not a good thing for my teeth; and ew, for the first time I have three hairs on my chin.

This is the first Spring since 2002 that I have not been nursing. In the shower, I realized I was soaping my breasts, which I never did when I had a nursling.

I am a gardening fanatic. I have hesitated starting my projects because I know I won't finish the ones I have going inside if I start the garden. But I HAVE to start the garden. Right. Now.

I love going to the beach. Without the winter wind whipping the cold into the bones, I actually enjoy going back down there.

We have friends staying with us while they house hunt. They are also from the South, and I have enjoyed watching my friend encounter the NW with similar reactions to the ones P-daddy and I had when we moved here. A huge plus for her is that they're moving on the EQUINOX instead of on the Winter Solstice. They're about to get overwhelmed entirely-- in a good way-- and I can't wait to watch.

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