Friday, January 04, 2008

We rang in the New Year with a stomach bug

Initially we thought it was D-boy (sniff sniff no longer D-baby) having drunk too much salinated pool water at the Y, but 48 hours later, ~N~ wiped out. After staying up until 3.30 am to help him, I had to go to sleep. An hour after P-daddy switched off with me, I started going. At least the flu itself is FAST-- literally 24 hours-- but I am weak and sore today. Now, we wait for ~G~ and P-daddy to fall. Hopefully they won't, but I sure wasn't expecting what I got, either. My brilliant daughter has followed my instructions and is hydrating herself to the nth just in case.

I will choose to celebrate this as a New year's purge. We're quite literally shedding the old, and opening ourselves to the new. And I got to lose all my holiday overindulgence along the way.


  1. I hope u are all better now. That really sucks. U have such a great way of stayign positive threw it all. Your amazing.

  2. ick. and yeahthat to Marie.