Sunday, November 19, 2006

Curriculum Fun

I have been making some more materials for the Learning Room, and having a lot of mental fun while doing it. I am working up their geography exercises.

First on tap is continent cards. You print out the pictures of the individual continents and then keep relative pictures in separate envelopes. You also match animals to the continents where they originate.

Next is the felt globe, where you cut out felt pieces in the shape of the continents and the child can then do much the same thing, but with a felt board, or if I get a chance, a felt covered beach ball.

They've been studying the real Thanksgiving, which has made me happy. I don't want to teach our homeschooled children LIES, but I am also determined to balance historical accuracy without burdening children as young as ours with adult concerns like war, genocide and rape. There is a nice sanitized, but historically accurate set of activities on It's been a good launchpoint for discussion, and there are always your standard printables on enchanted learning . The whole family is looking forward to watching the History channels new presentation on it as well: Desperate Crossing

And, more details for their quarter collecting, which is teaching currency, math, history and geography. That does not an inefficient curriculum make.

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  1. oh I want to watch that - we don't get the history channel - do you have a DVR by any chance. That is so weird because we have been reading a very old book about the crossing and it was definitely real.