Thursday, August 11, 2005

The lawn sprinklers came on and doused my Dog while he was in turn, sprinkling the lawn. That just made me laff. Henh Henh.

Again, with the beauty of this place. I am so happy here. Our property is only a little over an acre, but the way it has been developed leaves at least half of it as forest. It's amazing to look into the trees and know that it is ours. It's safe from development, safe for the critters, and safe for us as a buffer.

On our way down to the neighborhood beach we are treated to a lovely view of Mt Rainier. It's 150 miles away from us here and across the Sound now. It looms large though, and is another feature that just chases away any visual doldrums.

If we can get unpacked relatively quickly I will be a happy camper. It's nice to feel somewhat healthy again. I have the emotional energy to set up house but physically, our family has just been really incapable. Getting better! All around!

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