Monday, July 04, 2005

Amazing Persimmons!

“Happy 4th of July!!!!!!” is G's battle cry today. Whenever there is a holiday, she is the beacon of holiday cheer. Today we had a very laid back, but very satisfying Independence Day. And it was an independence day!

P stayed home and we just pretty much hung out as a family. We'd planned to go out of town but crankyvan is being resistant to the idea. My friend ~A~ , razor sharp as always said "We do have a tow truck company, you know!" She is one funny lady.

nikirj and her brood came over for a few hours since her husband went to watch War of the Worlds in the theater. The kids splashed around in the inflatable pool and had a sandwich lunch while nikirj and I looked over house plans. The grownups had gyros, grilled hot dogs and grilled chicken. D ate his first meat today, grilled chicken. The little piggy had about ½ ounce of it before I cut him off. Animal protein at 6 months can’t be easy to digest. But he thoroughly enjoyed it, smiling broadly as he closed in to eat. Little baby. Just wants to be a big kid NOW!

After nikirj left, and despite the fact that G and N utterly blew off their naps, we took them to see the Federal Way fireworks at Celebration Park. It was the closest the children had ever been to a show and the biggest I’d seen. At times, despite us being outside the park by a block, we felt the fireworks were going to drift into the car. N, bearing his Buzz Lightyear doll as a shield, alternated being thrilled and terrified while G shouted “Amazing! PERSIMMONS!!!!!!!!!!” I don’t know where she got that but it was ADORABLE.

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