Thursday, June 16, 2005

There is a place in Auburn where you can see the sky, wide open until Mt. Rainier. When you come out of Peasley Canyon and onto 15th Ave Rainier is at 2 o clock and the whole sky swirls above you. This is the intersection of highways 162, 167, and 18 and you can see for miles and miles. It’s great, because when you’re coming up from Puyallup on 167 you can look around and accurately determine what the weather is like in cities as far away as 30 miles. The weather here is sooooo dynamic and this view of Mt. Rainier to the east lets you watch the phenomenon that allows the temperature here to be so mild. You can watch the oceanic clouds pouring in from the West, hitting the Cascades and swirling back, keeping the moisture here. It’s beautiful. Amazing.

Leave it to Pugetopolis to have even an interstate snarl provide an ooh-aah moment.

Laundry. My God, the laundry. At least right now it is laundry hill instead of Laundry Mountain. In all honesty however, that’s only because the kids have been pulling their clean clothes out of the folded-laundry baskets. Poor fings. I need to put it away!!!!!!!

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