Sunday, January 16, 2005

Color me Tired

Color me tired. D has hit his two week growth spurt and is nursing almost constantly, day and night. I am not getting engorged, and the little tyke has turned into a laundry-generating piss pot. He's eating a LOT. This boy is trying to keep up with his linebacker older brother.

Did I mention he is perfect? When sleeping, D is indistiguishable from newborn G. When he's awake he just looks like himself. That's so fascinating to me.

G is (almost) perfect and N is (almost) perfect. G is very in love with her dollbaby, Newborn, and is a very good mommy to her.

N has finally started loving Mommy again, largely because I can play with him once more. Pain-free is good!

P is happier now that baby is here and he can really dig into new job. It means some nights away, but I can handle that I guess.

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