Friday, April 16, 2004

Gardening journal-- Charleston

Dug Bed C yesterday

double dug then layered newspaper, potash, turned earth and compost. The soil there was rich and black I am excited about it.

Miracle Gro Day

The kids were outside at 8.30 am so I went with the flow. We inspected the toads and green frogs then got to work. Used miracle gro on veg beds, all outside potted plants, sunflower house, slope, butterfly garden, fairy garden and roses.

Rose garden

Blooming like crazy! Weeded grass, deep watered into milk jugs, blew some ant farms away with the hose (got bitten a LOT), laid newspaper then cedar on top. Two bags of cedar were NOT enough. Will need to get some more today or newspaper wil dry up and blow away. N accidentally broke purple gazing globe by thinking it was a ball and tossing it onto the cement garden border.

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